Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Watch Alicia Degener create a multi-color print

Alicia Degener is a Brooklyn based emerging artist exploring the urban landscape of New York City. Bridges, landmarks and Coney Island are favored subjects for Degener's vision of a city saturated in vibrant, bold colors almost unctious in their intensity. Alicia primarily works in large pastels but also has a series of affordable linoleum block prints. Alicia has won mutiple showcase awards on and recently was placed on their Artist Watchlist. Alicia will bring along her art supplies and demonstrate how she creates her multi-colored, limited-edition linoleum prints. Come to Ft. Greene Park’s Artisan-Market and see the creation of an original artwok first hand on Saturdays, May 14 starting at 10ÅM, when she will apply a second color to her new Coney Island Parachute Jump print. She will be working on the linolleum block through the day and a third color will be added in the afternoon. Read more about Alicia Degener on her website.  


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